Thank you all for your support over the years. Plants have gone to Krull-Smith Nursery in Apopka, FL so please go there for selections. I still have the hardback book and the EBook. I still make food and have Plant Potion #9


Welcome to Bulbo Bill's Baker Street Digs;

Join me in a journey to find the answers to all our problems... right.

How about just finding the answers to our plant problems?

This is an electronic book of ongoing videos as I wander around my growing areas and ramble about things that come to mind.  I have lots of plants and the same problems and joys you have.  After 45 years, I better have some idea about them.

You also get access to my pictures, articles and essays as well as personal attention to your specific needs.  I will try to film a video to answer your questions, if needed.

I make videos of all the aspects of growing and showing plants.  From babies - through repotting - to working on overgrown specimens and fixing all the various problems that can occur along the way, you get the most comprehensive collection of orchid expertise available today.

I have the late Dr. Leslie' Garay's 25 gig photo and scientific compositions regarding his 40 years as the Curator of the Harvard Herbarium and decades of personal research.  I use this as a tool to help identify flowers for you.  And some parts are available if you ask me just right.

I use Mark Duttweiler as a special photographer who uses a process called "stacking" which combines many levels of photos within the depth of field and you wind up with the most detailed photos I have ever had access to.  They are quite remarkable.  I had to down-size this photo to 20% of its original size to get the site to accept it.  They show up in super detail in the links I send.

The subscription lasts for 2 years.  For only $69  -  what a deal!