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Flasks to Order

I will make a list of plants that are large enough to re-flask and small enough to work on without damage.  All flasks are $30 and when you make a purchase, the lab will get them ready for delivery in about 4-6 weeks (when they will fill the flasks and not be jumbled in shipping).

Flasks are Magenta square plastic vessels --  with 6 plants each  -  ready to be planted out.  ALL are Colchicine treated for 20 days.  There are never more than a couple of hundred plants grown out so don't wait.  The only way to get the 4N plants at a reasonable price is before I see them.  As soon as I take them out of the flask, I can tell (often) which ones have "the look".  They are triple the price of the "normal" ones because of rarity.